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Inner Dialogue

Inner dialogue is a vital tool in process work . It gives us the ability to easily and quickly communicate with parts of the self that may otherwise remain in the unconscious. This includes child parts, the embryo in the womb; times before conception or between lives; past life aspects; and transpersonal beings, essences and forces. Inner dialogue also allows us to communicate with the Higher Self of another, as well as our own most divine parts.

The inner dialogue process begins with a resourceful and loving parental part as the conscious initiator of the dialogue. This responsible inner healer communicates with either a traumatized part of the self needing help, the part that is most "up"... or a part that is in a position to lend assistance to the healing work. Using the metaphor of the iceberg, this communication happens between the conscious mind as the resourceful, loving parent or helper... and a part or parts that have been previously in the unconscious mind. And this all takes place through the medium of the imagination.


Anchoring the part is the first step in establishing communication between you as the resourceful healer and the part you wish to speak with. Either a visual or kinesthetic anchor is used. A good visual anchor is an image of the part in the mind's eye. An example would be the physical appearance of the child or past-life aspect of Self. A good kinesthetic anchor is the feeling or emotion that the part is experiencing, as it is anchored in a specific chakra or area of the body.

Visual and kinesthetic anchors are used for inner dialogue, allowing us to keep the auditory channel open for the dialogue itself. Every experience has aspects in all three modalities, but the easiest way to find a part is to anchor the feeling(s) and then follow them to an image, as in the regression process. Although only one anchor is necessary, two are better. Using either one or the other, or both a visual and kinesthetic anchor... it's surprisingly easy to conduct inner dialogue.

The second step in the process is to address either the feeling or the image, and get a response. Say "Hello" to the part, and listen-feel for the response. This kind of inner-telepathy is like what often happens in dreams where you don't have to speak to someone, you can exchange thoughts and feelings telepathically, without words.

The third and final step is to deepen the connection and communication through dialogue. The page on written dialogue has details about how to deepen the connection and get more specificity, and these techniques are not limited to only written dialog.

The important point in this final step is that you understand fully what it is being communicated. Getting a deeper connection with more specificity is very helpful in this. And as with all the other techniques in the self-healing work, practice greatly improves skill.

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