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Meeting the Source Exercise

With your energy running, and a question in mind for your source of guidance, close your eyes and imagine you are in a place in nature, walking on a path. Feel the air on your skin, hear any sounds of this place, and notice the shapes and colors around you. Way up in the distance is the vague outline of a figure, a visual representation of the transpersonal being with whom you wish to dialogue. As you draw nearer, the figure becomes larger until they are standing in front of you.

Imagine you can see the outline of your source. Allow yourself to get closer so you can make out some features. Is the source male or female? Are they young or old? Often it is difficult to see distinct facial features, but you may have a feeling about the being that will help you know more about them.

When you are near enough to sense the source's presence, in your mind's voice say "Hello". Imagine telepathic communication. . . like in dreams where you can send and receive thoughts and feelings. There may be words you can sense telepathically, there may be a gesture or even a feeling that lets you know the source has responded to your greeting.

When you've said "Hello", and have received a response, ask "Is all right to ask some questions?" Note the response and when you're ready, ask the question you brought with you.

Open to the response, and sense the presence of your source as they respond. When you have received the answer to your question, ask a follow-up question. Ask how specifically you can use this information in your daily life. . . and again open to the response.

If there is something you don't completely understand, or the answer is still too vague to act on, ask another follow-up question and note the response. Continue your communication as long as you like, and when you have completed, thank your source. And ask if you may return at another time and communicate again.

Bid farewell, and when you're ready, gently return to the place where you're sitting, and notice the feeling of your energy.

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